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Things Workers Compensation Covers

An employee’s work-related illness or injury is typically covered by workers comp insurance. This includes immediate and long-term costs. It even covers a business’s legal fees if an employee should decide to sue. Many state laws actually require that employers carry insurance that covers these expenses. Below are some of the things workers compensation covers.

Immediate Injuries and Illnesses

If an employee is hurt on the job, the employer can be held responsible for covering the costs of medical attention. Workers comp insurance can pay for emergency room visits, ambulance rides, and other immediate medical bills. Generally, every W-2 employee has a legal right to these benefits.

Lost Wages

Some injuries and illnesses require employees to miss work. Most state laws require employers to pay at least a portion of these lost wages while the individual recovers. This can add up to a huge expense.

Long-Term Care

Severe injuries sometimes require rehabilitation, special treatment or surgery. Your business may be responsible for these long-term care expenses even if your employee is able to return to work during this time.

Death Benefits

Workers comp insurance helps cover funeral costs and death benefits in the unfortunate event that a work-related accident results in an employee’s death. These benefits can help you retain quality employees.

Legal Costs

In some instances, an employee might sue your business if they feel it is to blame. Lawsuit expenses can add up fast. If your plan has employer’s liability coverage, you have nothing to worry about.


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