Threats and Commercial Crime Insurance

Threats and Commercial Crime Insurance

Crime is a threat that any business of any size can face. No matter what your industry or background is, criminals and unscrupulous individuals can pose a serious problem for your company-which is why it’s important to protect yourself with commercial crime insurance.

Property Crimes

There are many types of crime that your company can be exposed to. Overt criminal acts such as burglary, robbery, or acts of violence are an obvious possibility. However, other actions like vandalism or arson can also cause significant damage to your premises. This risk is present for any physical location your business occupies and grows larger when you keep valuables onsite.

Employee Crimes

Another potential threat is white-collar crime. Although you do your best to vet your employees, there’s always the risk that they might turn out to be untrustworthy. Embezzlement or other damage done by workers is always a possibility.

Digital Crimes

Finally, an increasingly dangerous category of crime that’s rapidly growing in today’s world is cyber attacks. Hackers might try to access your financial accounts, damage your websites, or steal your clients’ information.

Recovering from a crime like this can be expensive and very difficult. Whether you’ve suffered a data breach or a smashed window, commercial crime insurance is an essential part of any business insurance plan so that you can protect your company.

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