What Threats Does Crime Insurance Protect Your Business From?

crime insurance policy

With expanding crime rates in many part of the country, many business owners have begun to research the idea of investing in a crime insurance policy. For those who are new to the concept, the benefits of doling out extra funds for more protection when they may already have standard business insurance may seem outrageous. However, these policies are designed to cover your business more thoroughly from a wider array of threats, meaning you run less of a risk when it comes to your company’s assets and finances.

What They Cover

Because crime is never just vandalism or robbery, every crime insurance policy is designed to handle a wide number of threats. These threats typically include:

• Robbery
• Employee dishonesty
• Computer Fraud
• Wire Transfer Fraud
• Embezzlement
• Forgery
• Counterfeiting

More Thorough Protection

While standard business insurance policies rarely authorize the reimbursement of a business owner who has lost checks or cash while being the victim of a crime, these insurance policies have no issue with getting owners what they deserve after their file has been claimed and the details analyzed. This means you won’t be scrambling for the funds you need to keep your business afloat in the aftermath of being struck by unexpected crime.

Keep your business and its funds protected by making the smart decision to invest in a crime insurance policy.

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