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Three Key Insurance Coverages For Your Business Policy

Are you looking for a business insurance agency in New Mexico? While deciding on an agency and the exact makeup of your policy can be a challenge, there are certain coverages that are fundamental to any policy. As you continue your search, here are three of the key coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance offers financial protection in case a third party claims that they suffered bodily injury or property damage on your premises or because of your business activities. Your policy will cover your attorneys’ fees or other expenses for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance offers protection in case a third party claims that a mistake on your part caused them to experience a loss. Similar to general liability, your expenses associated with such a case will be covered by your policy.

Property Insurance

Property insurance offers payment towards repairing or replacing your property in case they become damaged or destroyed. Events that are typically covered under property insurance policies include fires, certain storms, vandalism and theft.

Take your time to find the right insurance agency in New Mexico. Having the wrong agency by your side can prove to be detrimental to your business.

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