Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Your business is open to the public, bringing customers and suppliers onto your premises, which is definitely a good thing. However, it also opens you to potential losses, which is why you should consider adding public liability insurance for these top three reasons.

Protects Your Customers

Accidents happen, especially when members of the public of all shapes, sizes, and physical fitness levels patronize your business. When people get hurt at your business, they incur medical bills, lost wages, and suffer other financial hardships that will be taken care of through your policy instead of out of their pockets.

Protects Your Business

You have the peace of mind knowing that if someone is injured, your policy instead of your pocketbook will respond for covered losses. By purchasing public liability insurance, you won’t be taking from the till to reimburse injured parties, but instead can use those funds for other important business expenses.

Covers Legal Costs

Unfortunately, injuries that occur at your business location can land you in court. Mounting your own defense can break the bank, but public liability insurance will pay those costs for you in the event of a covered loss.

You’re in business because serving the public is your passion. However, having folks on your premises comes with its own challenges. Your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if someone gets hurt and you don’t carry the proper insurance.

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