Top Three Timely Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas

In today’s online world, there is no shortage of insurance agent marketing ideas. From social media to your own website, there are hundreds of avenues available to gain clientele through online promotion. Consider these three ideas that will keep you in contact with your client base and draw new customers to your business:

  1. Use Social Media – Social media is the modern way to build relationships, especially in the business world. Keep in mind that social media is a conversation. Responding to comments and questions in a timely manner keeps you in the conversation and available to clients.
  2. Keep Your Website Current – Your website is the platform where you make your first impression with potential clients at least 80 percent of the time in the insurance industry. In today’s online marketplace, website updates, maintenance and content are key to an effective site.
  3. Make it Mobile-Friendly – Increasingly, consumers are using mobile devices in place of personal computers for their web searches and transactions. Ensure your site is mobile friendly and that it’s components, such as buttons and pull-down menus, are optimized for mobile users.

Staying up to date in the modern insurance advertising world is a breeze when you utilize these insurance agent marketing ideas. Consulting an insurance marketing firm can help you implement these and other strategies that will increase your online presence and grow your overall business.

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