Types of Malpractice Claims

Professional liability insurance for Attorneys

The number of malpractice claims are rising in the legal field. Professional liability insurance for attorneys is a must. Here are a few common malpractice claim allegations.

Abandonment of Representation

This claim centers on an allegation that representation of the client was completely abandoned. Another form of abandonment is when the attorney’s efforts do not correlate to what the client’s representation requires.

Errors and Omissions

Errors and omissions is the largest category of common malpractice allegations. In this category, a client alleges that the attorney made mistakes in representing the case in question. These mistakes can be as small as a clerical error, or as large as an outright misinterpretation of the law.

Conflict of Interest

An allegation of conflict of interest alleges that the lawyer’s professional relationship with the client was compromised. When a factor exists that influences a lawyer, their judgement and commitment to the client can be called into question.

Fee Disputes

When clients get their bill for services, they may dispute the amount to the point that it becomes a civil suit. Your professional liability insurance for attorneys will be vital in this case.

With so many ways to be accused of malpractice, it is vital to secure liability insurance in order to run a successful practice. Beyond peace of mind, you will know that you are being responsible in protecting your whole firm.

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