Understand Your Construction Insurance Coverage

Understand Your Construction Insurance Coverage

Finding and acquiring insurance can be a tedious and daunting process, and you might be tempted to overlook it as you establish your construction organization. Avoid just checking off the box and signing up for the first option, and sit down with an experienced agent at a Newton construction insurance agency can help you find what you need.

Talk to an Agency

You want to make sure that you are actually having a discussion with an agent and that you are honest about your practices and activities. While a general policy is an excellent start, it is frequently not enough, and you may find yourself open to a number of more specific complaints from employment practices to pollution. You want to make sure that you cover the bases, and an agent can help.

Understand the Difference Between General and Specific

A general policy will only cover basic employee or visitor injury and property damages, but you are not covered for a number of more specific claims. For instance, without an employment practices policy, you would be open for sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination claims that are not covered under the policy. Depending on the type of construction you are performing there are a number of different risk factors. Residential and commercial come with different concerns. Make sure that you are prepared for whatever circumstances that come your way by contacting a Newton construction insurance agency.

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