Understanding Crime Insurance

Understanding Crime Insurance

Operating a business is associated with many risks. High on the list of potential risks is crime. Crime against businesses can be committed in many ways including physical and cyber theft. Keep reading to learn what an inclusive and custom crime insurance policy could look like for you.

Why Do You Need It?

You need crime insurance because crime is a real threat. Not only should you be concerned about shoplifting and employee theft but you should also protect yourself from cyber theft. Hackers can access your company’s assets and steal them electronically. Your business deserves protection from all forms of crime.

What Does It Cover?

Crime insurance aims to cover your assets that are not typically protected by liability insurance. This type of plan is designed to protect your company’s securities and money. While each plan is different and should be tailored to your needs, here are the basic areas that are generally addressed by a crime insurance policy:

  • Burglary
  • Employee theft
  • Wire transfer fraud
  • Theft of your client’s assets

Protection is Key

As a businessperson you are responsible for protecting yourself, your employees, and your clients. Don’t rely on standard liability to manage all of your risks. Get yourself a specialized crime insurance policy that will keep your company safe.

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