What Does Cannabis Insurance Cover?

Cannabis Insurance

Insuring your cannabis business doesn’t need to involve guesswork, thanks to the insurance providers who have spent the last couple decades establishing industry-specific coverage in the first states to pioneer recreational and medical markets. Some of the industry’s leading insurance providers for cannabis have been at it since the first dispensaries in California opened for business. Now, they’re offering coverage tailored to your individual needs, no matter what niche you occupy in the industry. Most of those same cannabis insurance companies provide coverage for commercial hemp as well as CBD businesses that do not deal with THC bearing hemp and cannabis strains.

Coverage Suited To Your State

Every state has slightly different provisions for cannabis business operation, which is why industry providers need to be ready to flex to the coverage requirements and risks dictated by the laws governing the industry in each location. Very few providers exist with this range, but it’s not hard to spot the ones who have it. They are able to put together comprehensive coverage for your product, employees, property, and professional liabilities, including coverage for commercial vehicles and business disruption. When your insurer can cover literally every insurance need you have with an eye toward the special risks that go with this emerging industry, it makes your annual insurance evaluation very easy to conduct. That saves you time and money in addition to the cost efficiency that comes with the right insurance plan.

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