What Is Personal Umbrella Coverage?

Personal Umbrella Coverage

An umbrella extends broadly to protect you from getting wet from weather conditions such as rain and sleet. Personal umbrella insurance also provides broad coverage in the event that you are liable for an accident and you do not have enough insurance to cover the damages. If you have personal umbrella coverage, it prevents you from having to pay these damages out of your own pocket.

What Is and Is Not Covered Under a Personal Umbrella Policy?

One of the limitations of other insurance policies is that they may only cover certain incidents named specifically. The broad coverage of a personal umbrella policy covers all incidents except those specifically excluded. The coverage also extends beyond you to cover members of your household, including family members and pets.

However, there are limits to personal umbrella coverage. For example, it does not cover damage that you or a member of your household causes intentionally. It is not a business liability policy, so it does not cover liability arising from professional activities. It also does not cover damage to your own property.

How Do You Obtain Personal Umbrella Coverage?

You can obtain the extra coverage through your existing home or auto insurer. If you already carry the maximum liability coverage available under these policies, personal umbrella insurance may be relatively inexpensive, and the peace of mind it can provide is invaluable.

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