What You Need To Know About Sailboat Insurance

sailboat insurance coverages

Are you dreaming of clear skies and a nice breeze taking you across blue waters on your new sailboat? It’s understandable that you might be getting antsy to get out on the water as the weather warms up and the boating season comes into full swing. Before you do, however, you need to make sure you and your boat are protected.

What Is Sailboat Insurance?

Each particular type of watercraft comes with its own set of requirements when it comes to insurance. While there are many overlaps, unique differences make it necessary to purchase a policy that is geared specifically for sailboats.

Factors That Effect Coverage

There are a number of considerations that will impact your coverages and policy pricing. Some of these factors include:

Coverage Types

When you shop for policies, it is a good idea to know what types of sailboat insurance coverages are available. There are multiple options for protections beyond third party or personal liability, including:

  • Uninsured boater protection
  • Coverage for your personal effects
  • Hull and machinery damage protection

A responsible boater is prepared for the potential risks involved in owning a sailboat. Get adequate protection, and then get out and enjoy the freedom of the open water.

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