What You Should Know About Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence can take place in any office at any time. It can manifest in different forms with employees at any level of your organization. While the risk of an office altercation may not be as obvious to you as the risk of property damage, on-the-job worker injury or professional liability, it is an ever-present risk. As the principal of your business, it’s important for you to recognize the potential for workplace violence in your office and what are some of the most common causes.

Fostering a Conflict-Heavy Office Environment

Outside of a boxing gym or martial arts school, most business leaders and managers probably aren’t intentionally creating an environment that’s ripe for violence. Unfortunately, high conflict work environments are more common than they should be, and sometimes employers and employees fail to recognize the factors that contribute:

  • No Pre-Employment Screening – A thorough background check of candidates may reveal violent personal or professional histories or anger issues.
  • Poor Stress Management – Issues at home can spill over to the workplace leading to lash outs.
  • Employee Frustration – If workers feel ignored or unsupported, their frustrations may boil over.

Sometimes workplace violence is committed by angry ex-employees. It’s important to recognize the signs and take meaningful, preventive action.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

Your employees expect to work in a safe environment. This is achieved not only through security but also with office policies that promote safety and open, honest communication. Consider purchasing a policy that covers claims arising from violence on the job.

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