Why EO Coverage is Important to Have

Insurance provided by Axis

If you sell insurance for a living, then you should know that  e&o insurance for insurance agents is necessary to have. This protection can help you in case an accident occurs on the job. Learn more about why it is necessary and the benefits it brings to your business.

E&O Protects Against Accidents

It is understandable that you can run into accidents as an insurance agent, according to Insurance provided by Axis. Perhaps you might leave something out or make another mistake. E&O stands for errors and omissions, so if you have a mix-up in your work, having this coverage can protect you in case your client decides to sue.

Having E&O Can Save You Money

In the event that your client sues, you would have to pay them out of your own pocket if you were found to be at fault. By having e&o insurance for insurance agents, you can avoid the need to dip into your own bank account. This can prevent you from having a bigger headache on your hands.

Having e&o coverage can provide you with benefits. It can protect you in the event you make a mistake on the job, and you can save money if you end up owing a client. These are just a few reasons to consider having it on hand.

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